ELEAGUE Major 2017


As the ELEAGUE Major ended two weeks ago now, you might either be shocked, pleased, disappointed, or even celebrating with the outcomes. At least those of you who might know the results in full detail. Those of you who might still be in the dark and are looking for more details about the ELEAGUE Major - today, 5Aces eSport News prepared a hub of information for you to discover. Also those who might want to relive the, now past, Major.

Dannyboy goes Dirt Rally Championship


As many of you may know, Dirt Rally is a rally racing simulator. Dirt Rally is a very similar game to the good old Colin McRae game series. The simple difference is that Dirt makes the game feel like a real simulator. Whereas older, and most new games of the same genre are not as advanced.

There are many tournaments held across the Dirt Rally community. Whether it’s a global event or local. In fact, the community made it happen. Since the game launched the number of players has been increasing swiftly. Enough to go from casual to competitive on its own.