5Aces eSport DOSB Statement


The German Olympic Sports Confederation decided that esports is not a sport based on "self-motor skills, nor is it a constitutive characteristic of the sport determining movement". 5Aces eSport strongly rejects the association's view, including its intention to rename our beloved sport in "eGaming" to separate electronic sports from traditional sports. Many of the reasons given by the German Olympic Sports Confederation prove that the association does not understand the industry and mechanics behind esports.

5Aces eSport remain in ESEA Main


Our Counter Strike: Global Offensive team started with high expectations into the 28th season of the ESEA Main Division. Though starting pretty good with numerous wins into the season, we had to replace the entire linup due to the circumstances you all probably are aware of. After picking up the new, talented and also very young team, we went through several ups and downs still managing to keep the ESEA Main Division spot for season 29.

5Aces eSport with new CSGO lineup


On this day, we have to announce that 5Aces eSport have parted ways with its Counter Strike: Global Offensive team in the middle of the seasons of VAL Counter Strike Season 2 and ESEA Main Division of Season 28. Our management was informed by the captain of the team, about an offer they received from another organization. 5Aces eSport is an organization which certainly wants to improve and we know that players want to do so as well. Therefore, the management decided not to prevent the team from exploring new offers, which could improve their careers.

ESEA & CEVO Season mediocre results


The CEVO GFinity Winter Series 2018 and the ESEA Season 27 came to an end.  We started with two Counter Strike: Global Offensive teams, having a mixed academy team and a main team consisting of five Finns playing for 5Aces eSport. While our main team was struggeling in the ESEA and CEVO Main Divisions, the academy team started furious with several wins in a row in the ESEA Intermediate Division and CEVO GFinity Winter Series 2018 Main Division.