Aiming at ESEA Premier


Today, the news are going to be all about the 5Aces eSport Counter Strike Global Offensive team, and moreover the upcoming seasons of ESEA League Season 25, CEVO Season 13 and ESL Open Summer 2017. Last season, 5Aces eSport played at both leagues, ESEA Main Division Season 24 and CEVO Main Division Season 12. The team has suffered losses, but on the brighter side some successful victories pushed us forward and determined to play further as well as participate in the next seasons to come.

ELEAGUE Major 2017


As the ELEAGUE Major ended two weeks ago now, you might either be shocked, pleased, disappointed, or even celebrating with the outcomes. At least those of you who might know the results in full detail. Those of you who might still be in the dark and are looking for more details about the ELEAGUE Major - today, 5Aces eSport News prepared a hub of information for you to discover. Also those who might want to relive the, now past, Major.