News from IEM Oakland


Today 5Aces news will be focusing and looking into IEM Oakland. What is going down? Who won? Who lost? Prize pool? All of this and more! To begin with, 12 teams had been testing their skill against one another for the past two days. Their objective is to reach their final goal in this five day tournament;  the $300,000 prize pool and a really high-end victory.

PGL EU Second Minor


ELEAGUE Major is slowly peaking the horizon for the CS:GO community. With this, 5Aces eSport will take a look at PGL EU and what is being planned as participants and fans prepare for the major.

This second part of the PGL EU Minor qualification phase will be taking place in Bucharest between the 4th and 6th of November. So be quick if you don’t want to miss it! This will be a short event with the prize pool of $50,000. 8 teams will be fighting for this reward, as well as a place in the ELEAGUE Major 2017, of which there are only two.