Big News from EPICENTER Moscow


The past few days were intense, to say the least. Since the 17th October, the CS:GO EPICENTER event in Moscow has been giving many people, many topics to talk about. With a quick two day break, it has ended yesterday the 23rd. The total prize pool for this meet was $ 500.000, until it was split between eight teams. Let 5Aces eSport News explain to you what has been going on, briefly.

New Partnership Acquired


The recent sportive successes of 5Aces eSport's teams have had an impact on the popularity. It is a very important endeavour for 5Aces eSport to make the next step in order to extend our business relationships. For the past few days the management has been hard at work communicating with Dream Machines to establish yet another, and a new partnership for 5Aces eSport UG. This is the fourth partnership 5Aces eSport has secured so far, and looking forward to more in the future.

ESL One New York Is Done


The ESL event in New York has started a few days ago on the 30th of September. Everyone has been preparing for this event for a while and as the day has started setting, the group stages begun. Twitch was overflowing, the crowd was cheering, and their minds were blowing. Today ESL One has come to an end with one team walking away with style, a massive toast chalice over their shoulder and, of course, a wealthy sum of money to their name.

ELEAGUE to host next Major


Here we are with more news about CS:GO events! Probably many of you already know that the Major will be happening soon as it didn’t take place in 2016 yet. It is still a few months away as Valve has previously confirmed. and will not be hosted during 2016. Although, there is one thing that I can confirm - that the Fox Theatre in Atlanta will be seeing a whole ton of action and mayhem during late January of 2017. The games will start 22nd January, and end 29th January, totalling up to a whole week. More on this further down!