ELEAGUE and Friends

Events CSGO

In the last couple of days, things and stuff have happened... a lot of things and stuff. Here we look at a continuation from ELEAGUE, where the semi-finals have been roasting up with battle fire to prepare for all the upcoming skirmishes. For now, let’s see what has been happening with Na’Vi and fnatic, as HLTV unfolds the whole story before us in detail. There is much to say about this topic, especially since both team have had their ups and downs recently.

PGL Summer Finals Ending

Events CSGO

Yesterday, we took a look at the ELEAGUE Season 1 Quarterfinal ending, with’s golden victory. Today, we will look at how the Pro Gamer League Summer Finals have come to a close. Epsilon and Team X have sharpened their teeth for this last stand. Battling to be the champions of this entire Championship, on three out of five maps; Train, Dust 2 and Cobblestone.