PGL Summer Finals Ending

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Yesterday, we took a look at the ELEAGUE Season 1 Quarterfinal ending, with’s golden victory. Today, we will look at how the Pro Gamer League Summer Finals have come to a close. Epsilon and Team X have sharpened their teeth for this last stand. Battling to be the champions of this entire Championship, on three out of five maps; Train, Dust 2 and Cobblestone.

ELEAGUE Quarter Finals

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As the ELEAGUE Season 1 quarter­finals have started, fnatic are already in the lead. Being the first team to win a match in the quarter­finals 2­-0, against EnVyUs. They have secured themselves a safe spot in the semi­finals. Fnatic are now preparing for their next matches, while fans are anticipating the next stage of this EL season. Starting off with a close score of 16:13 for fnatic, on the first map being Cobblestone. Continuing to the next match, taking place at Dust2. Fnatic won again with a 16:7 score. Fnatic is not the only team going for the semi­finals...

Slightly Mad Studios Interview with Aleksandr

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As of July 15th, 5Aces eSport is officially being watched... in a good way, of course. Yes. Our fine team’s leader, Aleksandr 'USSRALeXeR' Agramakov has been interviewed by the Slightly Mad Studios on a bunch of different topics about the team. Project CARS’ producers deemed this time to be the best opportunity to interview another one of the best teams of the 2016 ProjectCARS Esports.