5Aces eSport Win Sideline Gaming Cup

Achieve CSGO 2

5Aces eSport was invited to the second Sideline Gaming Cup which took place on March, 26th 2016 in order to compete against different teams in two groups where the first and second place of each group advance to the semi-final. Together, with other teams like “Stofftiere Online e.V.”, “PENTA Sports T. eNrage” and “EnRo GRIFFINS”, we battled for the crown. Sadly, Tilo ‘S/O/L’ Kuiper wasn’t able to play due to private issues. Thus, Alexander ‘xeCo’ Durst stepped in as a stand-in.



It's been a long, long time of waiting to release our website. After a lot of work and different discussions regarding the style and functionality, 5Aces eSport and the Web-Design agency concluded to go the way we did. We have built a website we can be proud of. We wanted to create something different compared to all other known standard dimensions and styles the gaming scene is struggling in.

Barcelona CS:GO Invitational

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Today 5Aces eSport played the Barcelona CS:GO Invitational, that would have lead the team to EXPO Barcelona. With Counter Strike Global Offensive and League of Legends, two of the most famous games that are a part of the tournament, and an overall prize money of $80.000, some online quailifers were organized by the ESPORT Entertainmaint League (ESEA). Before the tournament started we already noticed a big surprise in the second round of the tournament after our team received a def-win in the first round. The big surprise came up by viewing our opponent team called "TA".

5Aces Esport Is In ESEA Main


After many lineup changes and a challenging start 5Aces eSport has now managed to establish a Position in ESEA Main league which is one step closer to playing along side of the biggest team in CSGO including Virtus Pro, Fnatic and many others. The team secured the 4th position on the leaderboards during the 19th season of ESEA Open with a nice record of 5 wins and only 1 loss. That was enough to secure a spot in ESEA Main league.